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Unanswered Calls Hurt Your Business.

As the owner of a home based business in the home service industry, I respond to emergency service as well as preset appointments. When a consumer calls a business in the service industry, they are looking to speak to someone, unanswered calls that go directly to a voice mail is a lost client. Consumers want to speak to a live…read more →

Is a Virtual office right for your business?

Virtual Offices can be a great solution for any Home based business looking for a professional image and assistance with daily operations as well as any existing business looking to expand or a budget conscious start up. There are many Virtual office companies offering services designed to assist businesses with solutions to daily operational tasks, the trick is finding the…read more →

Virtual office for a home based business

Virtual offices let business owner’s work from home while having the professional image which comes with a professional office. You get all the advantages of having a “real” office with all the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. There are major benefits to having a virtual office if you are a home based business; some of…read more →